What is Boudoir Photography? It is a type of glamour photography that tastefully brings out the beauty and sensuality in women.  Women of all shapes, sizes and ages!  Most women choose to wear lingerie for their session, but that is not necessary.  There are many other options!  

“Why would I want to do a session like this?” Are you getting married or have an anniversary coming up? This makes a great gift for your groom/husband!  Are you a mom who is always focused on taking care of everyone else, and putting your needs to the side?  A boudoir session let’s the day be all about you!  And see your true beauty in the finished product.  Have you been through a big change in your life…divorce, weight loss, reaching a mile stone age, etc?  Then, YES, a boudoir session is for you!  Besides,  just imaging the response from your spouse or partner when he receives a “little black book” of your images!